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Java-разработчик (Junior/Middle) Полная занятость вакансия

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Подробности вакансии

В компанию Pirobase Imperia требуется Java-разработчик (Junior/Middle).

Компания БЭКАП ИТ представляет на российском рынке интересы немецкой компании pirobase разрабатывающей решения в области e-commerce для промышленных предприятий и госорганов Германии.

В Новосибирске под управлением БЭКАП ИТ базируется команда разработки pirobase, которая ведет разработку части продуктовой линейки. В связи с увеличением объема работ в команду pirobase требуются дополнительные разработчики.

Кого мы ищем?

Мы ищем Java разработчиков в большой немецкий проект по разработке PIM (product Information Manager) и CMS систем и готовы рассмотреть кандидатов с разным опытом работы. Для нас главное – желание развиваться, способность обучаться и создавать готовый, качественный продукт.

Технические требования:

Базовые требования:

- Java 8,11

- JavaScript

- Spring



- WildFly

- SQL (PostgresSQL, Oracle)

- Maven, Gradle

Плюсом будет наличие опыта в:

- Angular

- Velocity

- Groovy


Мы приветствуем стремление наших сотрудников к развитию и предоставляем возможность профессионального и карьерного (в том числе за рубежом) роста. Новые идеи и их реализация это то, что ждут от нас заказчики и руководство компании.

Мы предлагаем:

- Обширное поле для профессионального развития и изучения широкого стека технологий, возможность применять и внедрять новые технологии.

- Достойную "белую" зарплату.

- Трудоустройство согласно ТК РФ, полный социальный пакет.

- Гибкий график работы.

- Работа в дружном коллективе профессионалов.

- Комфортные рабочие места.

- Курсы английского и немецкого с частным преподавателем за счет компании в офисе.

- Компенсация спортивных занятий.

- Офис в центральном районе Новосибирска или в Академгородке. Для java-разработчиков c опытом возможна удаленная работа.

- Кофе, печенье, фрукты и бутерброды в офисе в течение дня.

We are product manufacturers and focused on Product Information Management (PIM) and Content Management Systems (CMS). We cover trends like omni-channel marketing, CMS & PIM as a commerce Platform, Measurement & Predictive Analysis, Targeting and software as a service.

Approximately 80 motivated employees at our location in Cologne offer our customers all-round support: from the Consulting and requirements analysis on the conception and the project management up to the project acceptance.

The Advantages

  • Challenging tasks as well as exciting and challenging projects

With us, no project is like the other. That's why we see every new project as a new challenge that we have to face. We like to do that - with a lot of creativity and great commitment.

  • Great software

We develop with passion. Because what we do inspires us every day anew!

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

We do not stop, but constantly evolve ourselves and our products. We work with modern development processes and we are always on the lookout for the latest technologies.

  • Own initiative welcome

If you not want to straighten your head, we are the wrong address. We are looking for clever minds. We need creativity, critical inquiries and good ideas.

  • Great customers

We are really proud of our customers! Companies from various fields use our products - in addition to internationally oriented companies, organizations and numerous medium-sized companies are also among our customers.

  • Individual training and development opportunities

In order to meet as many requirements as possible, we clearly rely on our colleagues! We promote the technical, professional and personal further education and the subsequent personnel development. Whether in training courses, at conferences or in the context of internal knowledge transfer - training is a matter of course for us.

  • Mobility: Job ticket and good connection to public transport

Working on itself is complicated enough - so why make it harder than absolutely necessary! We support our colleagues with everything that makes life easier and allows them to work from different places.

For colleagues who travel by public transport, there is a job ticket. Valid for the whole VRS range and much cheaper than the conventional subscription cards. Easily expandable for colleagues who have another way and even valid for two evenings and weekends.

Although we are not directly in the city of Cologne - but pretty close. From some offices, even the Cologne Cathedral can be seen.

Our building is located directly at the S-Bahn station. We drive three stations to the main station and one to the airport. In three minutes you are on the highway to Cologne or Bonn and with a little local knowledge you can lie in five minutes on the Rhine.

  • Flexible working hours

We know that our standards are high and that we expect a lot from our employees in peak times. That's why we offer different working time models, allowing our colleagues to work flexibly if possible.

We are working 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday. Flexitime is an integral part of our corporate culture. We make working hours and vacations flexible in our teams so that most needs can be met

  • Freedom to contribute your own skills and implement ideas
  • Cooperation wanted!

We rely on flat hierarchies, transparency and clear communication - we dispense with superfluous phrases and stay with YOU! For us the fun and the uncomplicated interaction are very important. We like to party together and believe that working in a relaxed atmosphere is better - especially when it comes to finding creative solutions.

  • Easy atmosphere and Open and motivated team

Open doors are an invitation to ask questions and talk to colleagues. Informal lounges and workshop spaces enable a relaxed interaction without losing sight of goals and innovations. We have colorful spaces for creative ideas and more than just opinion on important topics.

  • Kicker room to "clear your head"
  • Modern and powerful hardware
  • Food allowance

Food is important and is sponsored by us in various forms. We like to eat together with colleagues in the canteen or at the celebration of project conclusions. There are enough occasions! Also coffee and one or the other candy should not be lacking.

Would you prefer to have the breakfast sandwich or the lunch sponsored? Or rather the ice for the enjoyment in the afternoon? Whatever one chooses, pirobase sponsors a part of the daily diet thanks to flexible food markets.

  • Free drinks

Without coffee it is not possible to work and a lot of drinking is healthy. That's why pirobase takes care of the supply of liquid caffeine and chilled mineral water.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So give it to us fruit and vegetable baskets in every kitchen.

  • Health Management

Health is the alpha and omega - not just at work! And often you only realize that when it's almost too late. That's why we create the healthiest possible environment for our colleagues. We ensure sufficient joint movement and the right attitude in the workplace and take care of healthy nutrition.

Описание компании
Pirobase Imperia